Cryptocurrency Reactions – Any Value To Binance, Binance Smart Chain & BNB. Why Should BNB Be $100?

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Cryptocurrency Reactions – Any Value To Binance, Binance Smart Chain & BNB. Why Should BNB Be $100?

Cryptocurrency Reactions – Any Value To Binance, Binance Smart Chain & BNB. Why Should BNB Be $100?

In this video, it is time to look at BNB. So far, we have looked at BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, LTC, BCH, DOT, LINK. We are looking at the thousands of cryptocurrencies on coingecko one by one and now we are at BNB. BNB is a top 20 cryptocurrency by virtue of its marketcap but why is this the case? Where is BNB headed price wise considering that is currently around 40$? Can it reach 100$ in the near term and why. What is the role of BNB in its ecosystem i.e on the Binance blockchain, the Binance exchange and the Binance smart chain? How can you earn BNB for free? Should you be interested in BNB enought to

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– What Is Tokenomics?
– Creating Your Blockchain & DAPP
– Learning About ���Cryptocurrency & Blockchain’ Without ‘Whitepapers’.
– Interacting With Cryptocurrencies & Blockchains.
– ‘Legitimate Illiteracy’ & Crypto
– Basic Cryptocurrency-Related Tools & Resources.
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