If you was a carefully reader ,you must noticed that i claimed that for a period of a Year + 2 or 3 months i tried to participate every single day in an airdrop (more or less ,i did it). I also said , that i had participated to over than 156 airdrops. So ,how can this be true?

I mean ,if i did it for 420 days, spending an average of 2 hours/day, i should have participated in far away more airdrops.But the truth is that every airdrop isn’t so straight forward like my first.(Polymath)

To participate in the airdrops, you need some tools. You should have a twitter, Facebook, telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk account. In some cases Instagram and/or Linked account too. Furthermore you could be asked to download some app or subscribe to web pages (So i became a Medium reader).

The Clock is ticking! (photo from Pixabay)

Tik -tak, time is flying away… . You need time to create the accounts and get familiarized with each platform. In other occasions you should accomplish tasks, daily or weekly. Like, retweet, refer, write a promote article, are commonly tasks .

When you have one-two projects that you support( with daily or weekly tasks), it is OK. But when the number rise to 7–10 it is a mess. You will forget some tasks or you will be so upset that you will pass on. You see, you must to work to pay the bills, you still aren’t a millionaire. You have a life to live… .

Eventually you will lose some requirement and that will cost you your “free” coins.

Furthermore, a lot of startup’s, and i mean a lot will disappear! You will go to check the URL’s you have saved (all the records in the .txt file) and find out that the URL is broken.

And when the time for distribution comes, some times you don’t take your coins. To claim your tokens you must follow a procedure. Some times you communicate via chat, using telegram. Other times via email. One’s for sure:

‘’you say it in ten seconds, it could take you up to three hours’’.

Making all the necessary things doesn’t ensure, that you get the coins.You see in some occasion’s it is your fault, remember the situation when you have 10 tasks, and you mess it up. It is common that other times, you can’t find the one thing that they are asking you, and you haven’t.

Finally, not all the coins that you have in your wallet have a value, even after a year. A coin, to have a value (price), must be trade in an exchange . The reality show us, that the majority of the distributed coins, aren’t listed in coinmarketcap jet .(another major tool!)

A lot of airdrops, was about coins that you could consume in the exchanges, for having zero fee for your tradings. If the exchange will succeed and get big (like Binance), maybe there coins will be trade, acquiring real value. So hold and wait! (if you aren’t a day trader!)

I want to mention that in the airdrops i have participated, the estimated value of coins i would receive, was over 30$, reaching even 70$ or 90$, with 50$ be the majority of them.

-So what is the actually money i have make from airdrops?

If i redeem all the coins this moment i will have a total of 190.76 Euro’s.

And that includes the 250 Polymaths tokens, the price of which has declined and is evaluated at 0.015041 Euro’s per token this moment, given us a total of 3.75 Euro’s.(I didn’t sold them then).Comparing the actually price with the top price (1.38 Euro’s), it has loose, about 100 times his value.

In the calculations i didn’t include the cryptocurrencies who’s total value is smaller than 0.5 Euro’s.

One of the last airdrops i have received, after waiting for more than 6 months, is Energi. It’s current price is at 1.71 euro’s per token and i am the owner of 100 NRG.

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