Crypto discovery of a lifetime…

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Crypto discovery of a lifetime…

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Yesterday, Matt told you about a recent discovery we made…

It involves what we’ve been calling “Phase 2 Cryptos.”

Think of it like this:

During crypto’s first phase, the value of first-movers like Bitcoin and Ethereum skyrocketed. That’s why early investors pocketed gains of 30,000% and more.

But at this point, the biggest profits in Phase 1 cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum have already been made. So, is the crypto “profit party” over?

Far from it. In fact, we believe that investing in the next phase of cryptos today — in other words, Phase 2 cryptos ­— is like getting into bitcoin back when it traded for just $13.

Which is why today, I’d like to tell you a few more key details about Phase 2 cryptos…

Including how you could get access to what could be the top Phase 2 crypto trade of 2022.

Phase 1 vs. Phase 2

To simplify things, here’s how I’d recommend thinking about the crypto market…

During this market’s earliest days, Phase 1 cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum laid the groundwork for the future.

They were like the railroad tracks that future trains could run on.

Think of them like the AOLs or Cisco Systems of the 1990’s tech boom. (And remember: if you’d gotten in early on AOL or Cisco just before the Internet took off in the mid-90s, you could have pocketed a fortune.)

But as technology evolves, new players — in other words, the “Phase 2” companies — can build businesses that build on the existing groundwork and tracks.

The thing is, these new entrants are often more successful (and more profitable as investments) than the first movers.

For example, AOL doesn’t even exist as an independent company anymore. And while Cisco is still valuable, its stock has barely moved in the past few years.

Meanwhile, “Phase 2” Internet companies — businesses like Amazon, Google and Facebook — have seen their stock prices take off like rocket ships.

For example, since it went public in 2012, Facebook’s stock has shot up by nearly 800%.

And now we believe we’re seeing the same thing happen in the crypto markets…

Introducing: Phase 2 Cryptos

Now that coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum have built the foundation, we believe we’re entering a new era in the crypto markets: Phase 2.

And in this phase, not only could early investors once again have the chance to earn potentially life-changing returns…

But just like Phase 2 internet stocks, those returns could come even faster and bigger than they ever have before.

Which is why major financial institutions like Bank of America are saying that Phase 2 cryptos are potentially “More Disruptive than Bitcoin…”

And Forbes says Phase 2 cryptos are “Reinventing Global Finance Faster than the Fed Can Print Money.”

This also explains why professional venture capitalists have invested more in the crypto sector this year than in the past 10 years combined!

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Full Research Briefing on Phase 2 Cryptos

Given the massive profit potential here, Matt and I considered putting together a research report to get you up to speed on Phase 2 cryptos.

But here’s the thing:

Our friends over at RiskHedge recently created an in-depth report on Phase 2 cryptos that’s excellent. And it explains everything simply, so you can quickly grasp what this opportunity is all about.

And because you’re a Crowdability reader, they’ve agreed to share it with you, and our other readers, for free.

So if you’d like to learn more about Phase 2 cryptos — including cryptos that recently handed investors gains of 6,000%… 8,000%… 12,000% and more…

Click here now and dive into their time-sensitive presentation »

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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