CrossSpace Ranger VIP Card Public Sale Q&A | by CrossSpace | May, 2024


Hey CrossSpace fam!

We’re excited to introduce you the CrossSpace Ranger VIP Card and invite you to hop into the Ranger VIP Club for all the multi-chain airdrops, whitelists, rewards and more in this booming market!

Get an Invite Code and Buy now! 👉

Where do I get the Invite Code? Simply joining our Discord community and you will find one easily!

Why should you consider buying it?

Exclusive Airdrops: Receive airdrops from leading Web3 projects and trending memecoins. Recent airdrops include $FLOKI, and upcoming ones feature Bitlayer L2 memecoins $CBD & BSC Chain $Catcoin!

Expand Your Team: Invite two members and upgrade to Captains, boosting your airdrop allocations and earning commissions up to 30%.

Special Price: Get your VIP card for just 0.2 BNB, down from 0.4 BNB!

Social version #DePIN and multi-chain #Runestone. Much easier and way more LIT! 🔥

Got questions about the Ranger VIP Card? No sweat! Check out the FAQ list below for quick answers! 🚀

  1. What’s Ranger VIP Card?

The Ranger VIP Card is a non-transferable Soul-bound Token (SBT) designed to track users’ on-chain influence network.

As part of the Ranger Club, an influential alliance in Web3, cardholders gain access to multi-chain airdrops, whitelists, collaboration opportunities, and other enticing rewards powered by CrossSpace.

The Impact Score ranking system serves as a key reference point for determining the level of privileges holders can enjoy within the ecosystem.

2. What are the benefits of holding Ranger VIP Card?

Holders with the Ranger VIP card enjoy a range of privileges, including:

  • Multi-chain asset airdrops based on their Impact Score; higher score ranking earns more airdrops. CrossSpace supports multi-chain airdrops from EVM, Solana and BTC L2.
  • Exclusive access to airdrops, whitelists, business collaborations, and surprise gifts both within and outside the CrossSpace platform.
  • Receive a one-time airdrop of 1000 Purple Crystals for each card ordered, exchangeable at a 1:1 ratio for $CSPT token upon launch.
  • Earn up to 30%* of the sale value with permissionless invitation rewards, with a 15% direct invitation reward initially and a potential increase to 30% upon becoming the Captain, alongside a 15% indirect invitation reward. (*Captains earn a 27% direct commission, with an additional 3% commission sent to their upline as a reward for early invitations.)

3. How many Ranger VIP Cards are available in total? Can I buy more than one VIP Card?

There’s no cap on the number of Ranger VIP Cards, and each card is a Soul-bound Token (SBT), making it non-transferable.

Each user can buy more than one Ranger VIP Card and join various teams for maximum benefits. (there is no limit for the number of cards a user can buy).

The card’s utility lies in forging influential alliances within Web3, granting access to exclusive privileges like airdrops, whitelists, referral rewards and collaborations with external entities in a thriving market.

That’s why we made the price reasonable so that every cardholder gets a chance to enjoy those exclusive benefits in the bull market.

4. How much is the mint price and what network does it mint on?

Public Sale phase:

Mint price: 0.2 BNB, originally valued at 0.4 BNB.

Chain: BNB Chain

5. What’s invitation reward mechanics and how can I earn from it?

The invitation reward mechanics developed by CrossSpace are innovative, fostering the fast expansion of the on-chain network in a permissionless manner through smart contract.

Within the influencer network, two primary roles exist: The Guardian and The Captain.

Upon entering the network, new users undergo three distinct phases:

Phase ONE: New joiners initially assume the role of Guardian.

Phase TWO:Upon the invitation sale value reaching 0.4 BNB, Guardians are automatically promoted to Captain, enabling them to create their own teams.

Phase THREE: As Captains, they lead teams with upgraded reward incentives, further incentivizing network growth.

For a visual overview of the mechanics, please refer to the graphic below:

Every new user joining the network as a Guardian.
Guadians got promoted to Captain after their invitation value reaches 0.4BNB and have their own teams.
Captain receives more referral rewards and earn more airdrops according to their Impact Score Ranking in the ecosystem.

6. When will I receive my commission?

a. The invitation rewards/commissions will be airdropped automatically supported by smart contract.

b. Captains earn a 27% direct commission, with an additional 3% commission sent to their upline as a reward for early invitations.

7. What are the benefits of buying multiple cards and joining different teams?

Joining a larger team with more new members allows team members to earn higher Impact Scores and enjoy higher than average airdrops.

An SBT’s Impact Score depends on the team the SBT user belongs to and the number of new members this SBT user successfully invites. If you are the captain and one of the guardians in your team got promoted, he/she leaves the team, but the first two members he invited will remain in the team.

Besides, the avatar that comes with the SBT is super good looking. Isn’t it?

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