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We have added the following new alert on


This alert protects you from never missing an upcoming cryptocurrency airdrop or bounty campaign ever again.

Simply select of often you would like to be notified and the latest crypto airdrops and bounty programs will be delivered to your inbox.

AirDrop and Bounty Alert —

Wallet Watch Alert

A wallet watch alert notifies you of any activity from a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet. This alert is a perfect way of getting notified if someone is stealing funds from your wallet or if someone is selling off a large amount of Bitcoin, Ethereum or any ERC20 token. Simply enter the wallet address, and select to get notified if a specific wallet balance increase or decrease in value.

Crypto Wallet Watch Alert —

Crypto News Alert

The Crypto News Alert sends you updates directly from a crypto project or exchanges themselves. You are able to receive alerts from all projects and exchanges or filter and set alerts for a specific project and/or specific category of news such as Upcoming Events, Exchange New Listings, Funds Movement, General News, Milestones Reached, Partnerships or Software Releases.

Latest News Alert —

New Pricing Plan.

Now, you can get unlimited alerts with STDEX Token. STDEX is a token, based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. STDEX is our platform currency for all services provided by fineTOKEN OÜ including, decentralized exchange,, and

STDEX can be used to pay fees and held to earn rewards in STDEX. More information on STDEX rewards can be found here: (

STDEX Token can be purchased here:


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