Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange stores about 966,230 BTC in cold wallets of its custodian service, whose capitalization is about $ 7.1 billion. The company does not have direct access to these funds.

Exchanges' Funds
Exchanges’ Funds

The second place in terms of funds in the cold storage is held by the BitMEX exchange with 265,140 BTC ($ 1.94 billion). This is followed by the Bitstamp platform – 229,490 BTC ($ 1.67 billion), Bitfinex – 146,120 BTC, Kraken – 136,780 BTC, Bittrex – 131,340 BTC and Coincheck – 35,090 BTC.

Note that Coinbase cryptocurrency deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. However, any centralized management puts users ’assets at risk, experts recall.

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