BuySellSeriesEA latest update Alerts – Trading Systems – 11 September 2021

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BuySellSeriesEA latest update Alerts – Trading Systems – 11 September 2021


   **Dear BuySellSeriesEA Users**

We modify some external settings on BuySellSeriesEA you can know what we modified

On our latest update.but before the update post we requested for a vote which users requested

We should retain our previous settings, but we decide  that our next vote will be on month Ending

We keep getting No tamper, No temper vote :

—-but pls we strike a deal..!!!—

You will get our latest update and see what updated on BuySellSeriesEA,and adjustments

Then we will request for same vote at the Ending of this month..and see the numbers..

Why are we doing all this ? Cause we want all our users to have same result as ours and also to have you with few settings to design what you want on the system.

In addition we want to take our time to teach on the
            User Functions
 of the main reason for our update which is :

“DDManager” and previous update called “ProfitTargetTF”

Which we will give you direct settings or set file to use..

Base on this reason….:

            We announce
       BuySellSeriesEA V5.1.
             Update is out..!!!.

        ***Already Available**
               for Mql5 Users..

Note your previous version are working fine, difference is
User Functions we added..thanks for choosing BuySellSeriesEA

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