At the moment, 4 film projects are available for purchase at the Cinemadrom platform.

• Historical action drama — “Nefertiti”.

• Spy action — “Shuffle.”

• Fantastic series — “We will think for you.”

• Historical series — “Rusichi”.

You can buy the rights to the movie using the MOVIECASH token. MVH can be bought on the cryptocurrency exchange and become a co-producer of film projects. Buy Token on crypto exchange —

The minimum amount to purchase the rights of $ 100 per project. In the MOVIECASH, this will be 1000 tokens. You can also sell your rights on a film and token on this exchange at any time.

The rights holder receives a portion of the profits from film distribution and sales in the film market in accordance with the size of the rights purchased. Information about cinema the projects Cinemadrom —

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