[Bryllite Persistent Airdrop Event]

Beyond the game boundary!

Hello this is Bryllite.

The eternal Event for new subscriber of Bryllite!

Sign up the Bryllite optimized wallet ‘Bring’ and make your own wallet address!

For all the new subscribers, 100 BRC will be rewarded!! 😆😆

▶ How to participate the Event?

① THUMBS UP the Bryllite Facebook page.

② Sign up the Bryllite wallet ‘Bring’ and register the coin address (Bring Download link : )

③ Remain your ‘Bring’ wallet address in the Event post in Facebook

④ Event Rewards : 100 BRC for all!

Go to Bryllite Face book ::

— the coin rewards will be sent every Tuesday (those who registered after 11:59 PM, will be sent on the following week)
— You SHOULD MAKE your COIN ADDRESS or register your existing coin address after you sign in the ‘Bring’ wallet to get the reward, unless you cannot get the coin.
— You will be excluded from the scope of the event reward if an abusing action is detected.
— You cannot participate the event if you are already following Bryllite Facebook page or having ‘Bring’ wallet account.

– This Event can be terminated without notice.

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