Brazil Nut — A Useless, Unfair Governance Token | by Brazilnut Team | Oct, 2021

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Brazil Nut — A Useless, Unfair Governance Token | by Brazilnut Team | Oct, 2021

Brazilnut Team

Medium articles celebrating huge VC rounds, opaque vesting schedules, astronomical FDVs, indefinitely closed source programs.

They got Solana to where it is today.

How can we continue to reward the VCs with another 10x on $SOL and its ecosystem tokens?

You’ll probably have to find another DeFi project to bag hold, but Brazil Nut has the rest covered for you. (Not medical advice)

To bring financial opportunity to all, Brazil Nut aims to be the most decentralized DeFi platform on Solana, starting with farming, with open source and fully decentralized governance soon after.

So launching on Solana is basically a no-brainer.

VCs get a lot of flak, but they have done a lot to promote the Solana ecosystem, and we would not be at >$100/SOL without them.

We will be airdropping Brazil Nut to these investors relative to their prominence within the Solana community. We will also be airdropping tokens to anyone who has invested directly into Solana Labs, proportional to the amount they invested. (Looking at you, Polychain and A16Z!)

Full details of the VC airdrop will be announced soon™.

We’re partnering with Atrix ( to provide LP tokens to be used for farming on Brazil Nut. We chose Atrix because of their encouragement in helping us get started in the Solana and Serum ecosystem and to support a fellow up-and-coming protocol.

We’re also partnering with Quarry ( to provide the infrastructure for building out our yield farms. Because of this, we had to write zero Rust code. All smart contract code is open source, verifiable, and has been battle tested with billions of dollars TVL locked up in Sunny’s and Saber’s quarries. In the future, Brazil Nut farms will support other tokens and multi-token emissions via Quarry’s merge mining system.

To incentivize deposits, the initial BRZL emission rate will be 45.6 million BRZL per day for the first 2 weeks, 10x the eventual rate, which will be 4.56 million BRZL per day. There is a hard cap of 4.56 billion BRZL, corresponding to how much KRW the winner of the Squid Game should receive.

Here are the initial farms for BRZL:

  • Atrix ALM-USDC (15x rewards)
  • Atrix LIQ-USDC (10x rewards)
  • Atrix SBR-USDC (10x rewards)
  • Atrix SOL-USDC (10x rewards)
  • Atrix BTC-USDC (2x rewards)
  • Atrix ETH-USDC (2x rewards)
  • Atrix BRZL-USDC (launching soon!)

View the countdown at

We’re in. Your favorite neighborhood VC is in. The future is in.

You in?

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