Blockchain tools to grow P2E guilds

Blockchain tools to grow P2E guilds

GAMING guilds stand at the forefront of the blockchain gaming boom, acting as intermediaries between investors, managers and players. However, BlockchainSpace (BSPC), a leading data aggregator and infrastructure provider for guilds and Web3 projects, found that various issues such as poor community engagement, performance monitoring and fluctuating earnings still risk a guild’s survival. To help gaming guilds mitigate these risks, BSPC provides them with education, tools and financing through their Guild Partner Program.

The Guild Partner Program, launched earlier this year, is a grassroots effort to further empower and connect gaming guilds and gamers. Those, who join the exclusive membership, gain access to the guild partner network, Kozo Dashboard, Kaizen Guild Management System and BSPC’s game partners.

Through the Kozo Dashboard, guilds could compare their current performance to the overall global guild average or region average, and adjust their strategies, targets and goals accordingly.

Meanwhile, the Kaizen Guild Management System allows guilds to manage their core functions, such as HR Management, Earnings Forecasts, Performance Data and Payout Automation.

“We also found that more expenses could be saved when guilds have access to whitelisting opportunities, free in-game assets, discounted rates, chances to test-run new games and investment opportunities,” said Jen Bilango, lead for Corporate Strategy and Growth.

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The Guild Partner Program connects guilds to their game partners, such as Pegaxy, Axie Infinity and SolChicks, giving them access to several game perks. Partners could also connect with macro guilds such as Yield Guild Games and Unix Gaming Guild, mid-sized guilds like Hooga Gaming Guild, and guilds composed of casual crypto users like Play4Change.

“As we always say, no guild is too small, and no location is too far away. All guilds deserve the same resources and tools to help them and receive the support they need to unlock their potential,” said Peter Ing, BlockchainSpace chief executive. “We are confident that our Guild Partnership Program that provides an impressive selection of tools and solutions is the stepping stone to enable guilds of all sizes to thrive in the space.”

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