Blockchain based Gather Network to launch its first commercial establishment in India

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Blockchain based Gather Network to launch its first commercial establishment in India

Dubai based Web3.0 and blockchain content monetisation platform Gather Network has announced its expansion plan for Indian operations with the launch of its first commercial establishment in Gurugram. 

According to Reggie Raghav Jerath, founder and CEO, Gather Network, the primary goal of Gather has always been to fix the internet’s business model. “With our new operations opening in Gurgaon, we look forward to connecting with Indian tech talent who can help empower Gather’s mission to spread and connect with various businesses in other parts of India. Thereby, to generate alternate revenue streams and provide monetisation solutions to existing digital advertising routes, Gather aims to help contribute an economic solution catered to the emerging digital ecosystem,” he added.

The platform claims that their own blockchain and token will enable support, consultancy servicing, and proprietary tooling for various businesses such as decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols, blockchain gaming and decentralised apps across the country along with enterprises that look to transition into blockchain space. With its first ever Indian office opening in Gurgaon, the platform aims to create an ad-free monetisation culture that will help build, configure, and create content loyalty with a user experience. India will be able to access the various cloud native solutions of Gather Network capitalising on internet of things (IoT), multi decentralised models and networks for digitally engaging experiences of the global audiences.

Gather has various products that help in enabling monetisation for content creators such as Gather Online, where web and mobile developers can monetise from the end-user processing power with their express permission,  Gather Enterprise, which is a consultancy service providing solutions for business on tokenisation, and Gather Cloud, a decentralised cloud services providing businesses with the processing power that keeps the cost of cloud computing in check with the use of their own existing devices.

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