Hi community, can you explain briefly to me:

  1. Which safe to use full node wallet apps exist for bitcoin, can you list some? I am only aware of bitcoin core.

  2. Can you use a Ledger device with a full node wallet, with which full node wallets is ledger compatible, is there a full list?

  3. Non full node wallets like the “Ledger Live” app use their own servers for transaction verification. What is the case if you use a full node wallet? On whose servers are you relying on when making transactions?

  4. I have read about people using ledger+electrum+electrum server to run a full node. Is it mandatory to have an own server when using a full node wallet?

  5. If there is no need for an own server: What pros/cons are there in terms of wallet security, using own electrum server vs. not having own server?


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