Binance Dex AMA Winners - Tixlcurrency

Binance Dex AMA Winners - Tixlcurrency

In this post we announce how we determined who gets a share of the Airdrop of the Binance DEX AMA and the winners of the best questions!

What is the Consensus Algorithm used in Tixl and How was it Picked ?

What applications for the Tixl are you working on at the moment and, in your opinion, what is going to be the first killer use case ?

How will your team ensure that Tixl remains the top platform and keep pace ahead of your competitors, in the next 5 years and beyond ?

The biggest dilemma as of now in crypto is volatility and liquidity issues. What steps have been taken by Tixl to overcome it ?

by Heyyy2

Can you please highlight more on the decentralization aspect using your technology. Also in the future, is it possible to quantify the level of decentralization and economic incentivization?

by Rogue22

Considering the current climate related to private coins what can your team do to relax regulators?

by kristos1234

Are you afraid that Google’s quantum computer may break Tixl’s encryption?

by PrinceMatthew

and last but not least the question, that made us laugh the most:

What type of beer was the Tixl team drinking the night the Project launched on Binance Dex?

by MrTixl

If you curious on the answer to this question: We actually drink a lot of homebrewed beer and this is our office fridge:

Office fridge with taps and references to questions asked in crypto telegram groups

Congratulations to all the winners. Every winner receives 5.6 MTXLT. We will contact you for your bnb address.

In total 100 MTXLT are to be distributed to the participants of the questions we asked to the community. We’ve got around 3,000 answers per question!
Here are the questions and their answers:

  1. 1 $MTXLT equals how many $TXLT?
    The M in MTXLT stands for Million, so 1,000,000.
  2. When was Tixl listed on Binance DEX?
  3. Name two other cryptocurrencies that are using a DAG instead of a blockchain.
    Examples are: Nano and IOTA, we also let Grin and Beam count.
  4. Why does Tixl need a Consensus Algorithm?
    There are many answers to this questions, the most frequent answer was: To prevent double spending attacks. Which is technically correct, but the main purpose is to keep the distributed ledger in synchronisation. But we let anything count that is remotely a task of the consensus.
  5. Is $MTXLT only a temporary token?
    This one is a bit tricky, we won’t go into detail, but we let yes and no count.

Unfortunately we got a lot of low quality traffic, possibly from people using bots. That’s why we decided for following distribution:
We determined the people, who were able to answer all 5 questions correctly, of which there are 71. Each of those will receive 1 MTXLT.
At the end of this article, we will present the method by which we weeded out the participants.
The majority of answers seems to come from people using bots to submit their answers multiple times. We don’t tolerate this cheating behaviour and therefore disqualify them as winners. Examples can be found at the end of this article.

After feedback of the community we decided to also award every participant. The remaining 29 MTXLT will be distributed to 2,958 participants, who answered the questions in time. Each participant receives 0.0098 MTXLT = 9,800 TXLT.

No action has to be taken. All tokens will be distributed to the address that was supplied in the form.

Distribution of all tokens from the AMA is on October 14.

There were 12 steps to come to the current set of winners. We tried to do the steps in an order, that removed most false data sets fast.

  1. Remove all entries with a too late timestamp. We added some seconds as a grace period.
  2. Match all remaining answers by the bnb address, so that we can see which answers belong together / which participants are the same.
    Number of datasets: 577
    (So only 577 people submitted any answer to all questions in time.)
  3. Sort out wrong answers to question 1.
    476 remaining.
  4. Sort out wrong answers to question 2.
    434 remaining.
  5. Remove entries with invalid addresses.
    432 remaining.
  6. Remove duplicates by username (we left 1 random data set).
    362 remaining.
  7. Remove duplicates by bnb address.
    356 remaining.
    Note: This shows, that a lot of participants tried to cheat.
  8. Empty answer to question 4.
    355 remaining.
  9. First sight: wrong answers to question 3.
    319 remaining.
  10. Remove wrong answers to question 4 and obvious duplicates (see screenshots).
    98 remaining.
  11. Fine grain sorting answers to question 3.
    85 remaining.
  12. Remove more obvious duplicates.
    71 remaining.

To show you some examples of what we mean with obvious duplicates:

apart from that most of the answers are wrong…
This is not even the answer to the question. The screenshot show only a fraction of all duplicates.
Another cheater
still more

These are only some of the duplicates we found. There is no way people could have answered this independently.
We hope, that you can understand, that it’s not our interest to award people, who are using bots to farm money, with our tokens. Also it would be unfair to the people, who did not use bots.

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Binance Dex AMA Winners - Tixlcurrency
Binance Dex AMA Winners - Tixlcurrency
Binance Dex AMA Winners - Tixlcurrency
Binance Dex AMA Winners - Tixlcurrency
Binance Dex AMA Winners - Tixlcurrency

Binance Dex AMA Winners - Tixlcurrency

Binance Dex AMA Winners - Tixlcurrency