✅ Download link Binance Trading bot:
The bot works on such exchanges as everyone knows: Binance, Yobit, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Hitbtc, Livecoin, Poloniex, Exmo, Okex.
✅ So, what a trading bot can do:
►Trade on 9 exchanges
Use Revenuebot to trade simultaneously on up to five supported exchanges.
Using the API slot system, you can freely move between exchanges whenever you want to start trading on a different exchange.
► All trading strategies
Use any trading strategy Revenuebot has to offer.
► Unlimited trading pairs
Revenuebot does not limit the number of trading pairs, like USD-BTC or BTC-LTC, you can simultaneously trade.
It’s up to you to trade just one or a few pairs, trade hundreds of pairs or even run 100 different bot instances with each a single pair.
► Flexibility: API slot system
Thanks to the API slot system you always control on which exchange you use your bot. Switching to another exchange or API key is easy and free.
An exchange slot enables you to register an exchange API key to your Revenuebot license.
► CryptoSight: advanced Telegram bot
Interactive Telegram bot
Get instant notifications for filled trades
Profit stats for your whole portfolio, or for individual pairs
Filter stats for selected time frames
Add, remove or modify Revenuebot trading pairs directly through Telegram
► Professional chat and email support
Get help fast whenever you need it. It doesn’t matter if you have a basic setup problem or an advanced strategy question, we’re here to help.
► Margin trading
Use Revenuebot for margin trading on supported exchanges. Currently Bitmex and Kraken futures are fully supported, expect more exchange support soon.
► Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)
DCA is a highly effective method to profitably trade pairs when prices start dropping.
It works by aggressively reducing the average price per unit by buying more units at lower prices until a profitable sell is in sight. DCA in Revenuebot comes with a lot of configurable options, for example price trailing for DCA orders.
► AutoConfig
With AutoConfig you can automate config changes for Revenuebot.
Options range from automatically adding trading pairs to dynamically adjusting trading strategies based on conditions you define.
– Scan exchanges to automatically add pairs based on your own filter criteria
– Scan exchanges to remove pairs from your config
– Change the strategy for active pairs
– Complete automation for pair specific strategy parameters
– Backtesting add-on
Evaluate your strategy before you run it. Backtest almost any Revenuebot strategy option on
As long as your trading pair is available on TradingView, you can backtest your strategy.
► TradingView add-on
Use Revenuebot to execute trading alerts sent from a custom strategy at TradingView.
It works by listening to incoming emails from TradingView, when an alert comes in Revenuebot will immediately execute it.
You can also use Revenuebot in a mixed mode where it listens to incoming alerts and processes a native strategy simultaneously. This way you can, for example, buy using an alert and sell using Revenuebot trailing.
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