I am so tired of coinbase screwing me over, making me wait to use the bitcoin I have purchased. I use my debit card to get them instantly usually, and I had the debit card option selected during checkout after hitting the submit button I find out that it changed it to charge my bank account instead when i know for sure it was on debit card. Now I need my bitcoin today and I have to wait 4 days to use my bitcoin, and cant get my money no matter what i do… I am so sick of going through stuff like this with coinbase, I am so angry over this because i made sure before hitting submit that my debit card was selected. i already lost 200$ to them from something else because they make it so hard to get your money back. So now I am screwed with no money, and no way to get it back besides waiting 4 days… Their support is so bad I have no way to actually talk to someone and tell them what had happened. I really need a site in which I can buy bitcoin instantly without waiting, and maybe just pay a small fee. I am so mad i want to find the creator of coinbase and ask him why he is such a scamming POS.

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