I’m keeping the private key offline and really just using to dump ETH from coinbase and hold for years. I started out printing a paper wallet, but over in r/bitcoin, they really don’t like paper wallets or address reuse. So now I’ve got an Electrum wallet for bitcoin that generates addresses and I guess I’m supposed to dump my coinbase coins to a new one each time I buy, and it’s kind of a convoluted mess that I’m still working out.

It looks like most of my options for Ethereum, though are javascript-based paper wallets. It also seems like the Ethereum community isn’t nearly as worried about address reuse, and change addresses don’t really exist within Ethereum?

Is it reasonable to just generate a MEW wallet on an airgapped machine and send my coinbase Ethereum to the same address every time if I’m planning on holding it for years?

Edit: Looks like MyCrypto will actually be the way to go.

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