Automata’s Bi-Weekly Update: Issue 11 | by Automata Network | Automata Network | Nov, 2021

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Automata’s Bi-Weekly Update: Issue 11 | by Automata Network | Automata Network | Nov, 2021

Automata Network

November 1 to November 12, 2021


If it hasn’t hit you that it’s nearing the end of 2021, it’s already mid-November at the point of writing, which leaves us with barely a month and more before the year wraps up. November turned out to be a watershed moment for us, and here’s why:

[Protocol and Infrastructure]

  • Re-designed and cleanup the Geode startup process and Geode lifecycle;
  • Re-designed the ordering process and data structures associated with it;
  • Designed the token bridge interface with UX/UI sensibilities;
  • Resolved common IO errors for HttpServer and WebSocketServer in Geode;
  • Removed load balancers in Geode cluster, added ingress-nginx controller;
  • Introduced new faucet frontend and rate limit;

[Products and tools]

  • Started work on price feed oracle integration for Conveyor;
  • Upgraded the generic Conveyor logic in Geode according to its latest design;

[Updates from the XATA team]

  • Implemented fixes on XATA’s SDK, conducted testing for open-source development;
  • Implemented fixes for XATA’s front-end;
  • Ongoing research on XATA’s protocol features and reward mechanism;
  • Exposed Geode’s XATA Polygon and BSC endpoint to the public;
  • Our Mainnet is live, and you can read it from Yahoo.
  • We started a new thing. A $20 million Ecosystem Incentive Fund for projects and founders. Whatever you need. We’re here for you.
  • Honorable mentions: ATA is listed on KuCoin and WazirX.
  • Rust is becoming one of the most exciting developer languages, and we’re proud to share the news that we’re a newly minted member of the Rust Foundation.
  • Wow. We’ve officially crossed the 100,000 threshold on Twitter, so a good day to everyone who’s following us.
  • Also, who would have thought we were trending there for a minute, but what a minute it was #AutomataMainnet
  • To cap off the fanfare, we had AMAs and quizzes ongoing over in our Telegram and Discord. ICYMI, join our channels to be part of the next event!
  • The magic of an airdrop — being rewarded for using products and services you love and use — helps us to grow together. USD50,000 CoinMarketCap airdrop happening right now.

We have a couple of things brewing in the back room, but as it happens, these things take time. What do you think is coming up next?

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