Dear traders.

Are you swing trader?

  • When entering the market:
    — We must be able to imagine that the price can rise to the peak of actual
    — and price can also fall into actual Support
  • Swing Trader
    — As example if EURGBP will suddenly fall this week,


    trade planner will make plans like this,
    — that is preparing
    an untested actual support

    (means: price does not reaches it yet)  for buy-back EURGBP.


    question, how if EURGBP rise up?
    — The trade planner will also prepare a
    resistance to catch price jump on resistance as sell area :

In this way, swing traders are still able to carry out activities normally,
— to work in the office or outside the
home, and do not need to face for hours at the computer.

That’s why, pending orders such as buy-limit and sell-limit are available in trading software ūüôā

SR Strategy
and Resistance at

fact, market is always
working on the 
actual supply (resistance), demand (support)
and Market Sentiment)
— Market plays on price reversals and
breakouts, like we walk on the stairs.

— before entering the market, we must understand

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2020 with a better way in trading.

we wish you all the best

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