Andrew Tate and Iggy Azalea’s Meme Coins Ridiculed By Famous NFT Artist Beeple

  • Famous NFT Artist Beeple mocked Andrew Tate and Iggy Azalea’s meme coins.

Andrew Tate, Iggy Azalea and their Solana-based meme coins have once again found themselves at the center of attention in the crypto community.

Beeple, a renowned digital artist in the crypto space, has unveiled his latest artwork, “Mother and Daddy (2024).” 

This digital piece is a modern reimagining of Grant Wood’s iconic “American Gothic,” featuring rapper Iggy Azalea and influencer Andrew Tate.

The release of this artwork comes amid a surge of celebrity meme coin launches, including the Tate-inspired meme coin Daddy Tate (DADDY) and Azalea’s Mother Iggy (MOTHER) meme coin.

Beeple became famous after breaking a record for selling his NFT artwork for a whooping $69 million during the 2021 NFT hype. 

During that time, celebrities actively endorsed countless NFT projects, most of which, however, would not survive the massive market drop that followed.

Beeple’s new NFT hives a satirical view on celebrity crypto influencers, with reference to that time. According to the artist, celebrities’ involvement in meme coins exemplifies how digital finance transcends borders, fostering economic instability and risk for many.

Australian rapper and entrepreneur Iggy Azalea has received much attention in the crypto world recently. In early June, she launched her own token, MOTHER, which skyrocketed almost 2,000% in just two days.

Azalea later clashed heads with Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, who criticized celebrity-endorsed digital assets that are focused on direct monetization without any value added.

Andrew Tate took a chance on MOTHER’s hype with his answer to Azalea’s meme coin.  He announced a $1 million investment in Solana meme coins.

However, some community members doubt the initial investment claim. Various experts go as far as implying insider activity during DADDY’s launch.

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