Airdrop/Whitelist Complete Guide — Tinyman (Algorand) | by DefiCalendar | Oct, 2021

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Airdrop/Whitelist Complete Guide — Tinyman (Algorand) | by DefiCalendar | Oct, 2021


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We continue with another project on Algorand, Tinyman. Tinyman is a automated market maker (AMM) similar to Uniswap and Pancakeswap. For an order book experience on Algorand, you can go to testnet which is still on their testnet.

Tinyman has recently launched their mainnet without a token. Their native token is scheduled to be released in Q1 2022. There have been no confirmations of airdrops or early user rewards yet.

Judging from past experience like Ref Finance on NEAR however, it is possible that there will be some retrospective rewards for early users of Tinyman. Consider yourself whether you want to spend time on this project.

Let’s make some swaps and add LPs.

Getting started:

If you don’t have a My Algo wallet, set one up at

As Tinyman is on the Algorand mainnet, you will need $ALGO to pay for gas fees, perform swaps and add liquidity. Send some from exchanges if you don’t have enough in the wallet.

Step 1:

We first perform some swaps.

Head to and connect your wallet. You will need to opt-in your account.

Swap some of your $ALGO for other tokens you like.

Step 2:

Now we add liqudiity.

Go to “Pool” and “Add Liqudiity”.

Add liquidity with your available tokens.

Step 3:

And that’s it. Perform a few more swaps and add/withdraw liquidity pairs if you like. We will see if there are rewards for early users closer to the token launch.

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