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IOI is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency social trading platform. You can trade cryptocurrencies, track your portfolio, learn valuable insights from other traders, copy the cryptocurrency trading of experienced traders (RACERS) and choose between being a FAN or a RACER.

The partnership announcement with Loteo marked the first step towards the future for IOI in which Loteo contribute the gambling element to our fantastic four combinations: trading, tracking, gambling, and gaming. With the support of Loteo community, we’re sure that the future of IOI is now looking much better.

Therefore, let us appreciate the community with an early Christmas present where everyone is going to be able to contribute and get a taste of some rewards in return. Airdrop & Bounty programs are inseparable, especially in the cryptocurrency world. And in the spirit of cryptocurrency for everyone, Loteo & IOI has reserved 10 Million LOTEU tokens for the community!


This opportunity won’t come twice! Reserve your spot before it’s too late and taste some win after because this is how the biggest airdrop looks like:

– 10 Million LOTEU Token

– 10,000 lucky people (1000 LOTEU each)

– 3 Months long or until all spots are filled

With the first task is creating an account on & subscribe for newsletter, all you need to do is follow this link and complete the simple tasks:

And psssttt, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions first!


We were going to announce it later but we can’t contain ourselves! However, we can’t really show you the details, yet. So please stay tuned and follow our social media for updates because it’s around the corner!

RACER or FAN or both subscribe to and be amongst the first to register and get a valuable reward!

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