AI & Blockchain go Hand in Hand—Ledger Exec

Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly and changing how different industries operate, however, one major question has arisen as to how we separate fact from fiction when AI can create realistic content. From deepfake videos to computer-generated images, websites, and more, the potential for being misled is increasing. Fortunately, blockchain technology may offer solutions to help authenticate them.

In a recent interview, Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at leading crypto firm Ledger, declared blockchain and AI are “two sides of the same coin”. According to him, a variety of new digital creations can be done using AI, while blockchains supply scarcity through decentralization in record keeping.

Rogers believes blockchain verification will become crucial for validating online content’s origins. “Knowing for sure it’s me saying something, not an AI impersonation, is vitally important,” he stated. Logging into platforms with a crypto wallet could serve as proof of your human identity.

This powerful combination is gathering momentum. For example, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has suggested the use of blockchain technology to prove whether visualizations came from AI or by creators, thereby protecting creators amidst expanding AI art landscapes.

Companies have started laying the foundations for this blockchain-AI fusion. For instance, Ledger’s new Stax wallet simplifies the secure self-custody of digital assets via touchscreen, enabling blockchain’s authentication capabilities to seamlessly integrate into our AI-rich digital world.

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