AI and Blockchain Two Sides of Same Coin, Ledger Exec Says

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During a recent interview with Bloomberg, Ledger Chief Experience Officer Ian Rogers opined that blockchain and AI are actually two sides of the same coin: 

“I think that AI and blockchain are two sides of the same coin. AI brings digital abundance, and blockchains are fundamentally about digital scarcity. We are already living in a world where you are looking at web pages that were made by AI that, you know, was fed by Web pages that were made by AI” he said.  

Rogers predicts that the blockchain technology will be useful for determining the authenticity of various content that can be found on the internet. “At some point, knowing that it is actually me, who is saying what I’m saying and that, you know, it’s not a deepfake and it’s not altered, you know, is incredibly important,” he noted. 

For instance, Logging into one’s social media account with a Ledger wallet could prove that that person is a human.

“…Increasingly, we will see the ways that these two things go hand and hand,” he added.  

The company recently started shipping its high-end Ledger Stax crypto wallets that were originally announced in December 2022. Its new wallet features a secure touch screen that makes it easier to use the self-custody wallet. Notably, Ledger’s new high-end device was created in partnership with Foxconn, the biggest contract manufacturer of electronics in the world. 

Blockchain colliding with AI 

Some business luminaries have already floated the idea of combining AI and blockchain. 

Blockchain-based verification appears to be the most promising use case so far. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian recently suggested that blockchain could be used for determining whether or not a certain photo is generated by AI amid rapid proliferation of this high-end technology.  

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