About Bitcoin volatility and holding from an investor to new investors : Bitcoin

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About Bitcoin volatility and holding from an investor to new investors : Bitcoin

I’ve been investing in markets for 10 years now. I’ve dealt with stocks, stocks options, private and public bonds, real state funds, criptos, peer-to-peer lending. I’m brazilian, so I’ve invested through the 2014 crisis. Bitcoin is yet a volatile asset. I sincere have yet some small doubts on Bitcoin sucess in the long run. I mean, faith aside, bitcoin potencial and advantages against tradicional money are a fact. But its success depends on public aceptance, not became necessarily the only coin in the world, but a good aceptance over some markets. I do believe that bitcoin has a good probability to get that aceptance, it is already happening, but there is yet some residual probability that things go wrong.

Analisys done, my point with this post is to give an advice to less experienced investors: bitcoin is a market valued asset and as so it is very normal to have dips on its price. I’ve passed dips in price in many investments and, if you did a good value analisys, then the market flutuations in the short term don’t matter.

If you believe, based on some evidence that are already out there, that bitcoin will succeed, then don’t worry about dip, and most importantly: if something gets cheaper, it is not time to sell, it is time to buy.

Think about a pc, do you buy when it is almost Christmas, when prices are high, or afterwards when they fall? Buying assets must follow the same logic, but with extra care.

Another advise: unless you’re pretty sure, don’t put all of your eggs in the same basket. Have some money to invest? Buy your bitcoin, but do not put all your money on it, unless you’re an expert in bitcoin and its economics.

Good investments.

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