A sad day : Bitcoin

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A sad day : Bitcoin

I’ve debated that back-and-forth, Taking a crypto loan out would make sense, but then I would have to pay back the loan using fiat, Unless of course bitcoin jumps up another 200% before the full loan needs to be paid, then I could cash out some gains and pay for the loan but it’s a gamble I’m not willing to take. Luckily Ive been in crypto for years, so I’m not selling everything, I have a good amount I’m holding in cold storage that I will never touch, so to take a collateral loan would just be putting too many eggs in one basket. Because I know long-term bitcoin will prevail to new all-time highs, but loans have a date that they need to be paid back in full so if bitcoins in a correction for a few months when the payments are due, it would screw me over

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