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This Computer Is Older than the Lava Lamp

This computer is older than the Rubik’s cube, the lava lamp, and even the moon landing. Amazingly, it still works. Check it out here »

Get a Tattoo — Your Health May Depend on It

Apple watches and Fitbits do a fine job of monitoring your health. But a new technology takes the concept of “wearables” to a whole new level. Get the scoop here »

Are Apple’s Days Numbered?

Forget about spending $1,000 on the latest iPhone. The hottest new phone today sells for just $25. Sure, there’s nothing “smart” about it — but maybe that’s the point »

Get a Look Inside Google’s Top-Secret Lab

In an off-limits location on Google’s Mountain View campus sits a 70,000-square-foot lab. Only a handful of people know what happens there. But now you can get an inside look »

A Mobile App for Killing People

Two years ago, researchers Billy Rios and Jonathan Butts discovered a dangerous vulnerability in Medtronic insulin pumps. But Medtronic didn’t take their findings seriously. So, to get the company’s attention, they created an app that could kill people. Their strategy worked »


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A Mobile App For Killing People
A Mobile App For Killing People

A Mobile App For Killing People

A Mobile App For Killing People