A Laptop with Seven Screens

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A Laptop with Seven Screens

You rely on Crowdability to bring you the best start-up deals. Now rely on us to bring you the most fascinating stories and trends from the world of technology. You won’t find this stuff in the mainstream press. Look for it every Friday morning.

Flying Taxis are Coming

If you’ve been waiting for flying cars to arrive, we’ve got some good news: a major airline just invested $1 billion into making them a reality. Find out when you’ll be flying »

90-Year-Old Man Spends $10,000 to Publicly Humiliate AT&T

At one time or another, who hasn’t wanted to publicly voice their rage about paying for crappy service? An elderly man took this concept to a new level. Get the story here »

Get a Celebrity to Break the News of Your Divorce

Divorce can be tough. But breaking the news doesn’t have to be. Learn more »

Facebook Wants More of You

Facebook is already sitting on a treasure chest of your personal information. But now the social media giant wants even more of it. Here’s how it plans to get it »

A Laptop with Seven Screens

A laptop with extra battery life? Helpful. But a laptop with six extra screens? Weird. See for yourself »


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