There is a new Ethereum hard fork on the horizon but only 80% of ETH clients were ready for it while many of the clients were not. The laziness that is brought by New Year is the source of the unpreparedness for the new hard fork, named Muir Glacier which could affect the performance of Ethereum as we are reading further in the ethereum news.

At the moment of writing this article, the hard fork upgrade has just happened. The hard fork upgrade will work with the Ethereum Improvement Proposal 2384 in order to postpone the difficulty bomb. The point is that the hardcoding of this mechanism was done in order to maintain a typical block time by regulating the difficulty present while mining to make new blocks. Every 100000 blocks the difficulty bomb is stronger and this continues until the ‘freezing’ condition that is known as an Ice Age is achieved.

According to the EIP notes already in October the slowing down of the mining was visible with the increasing of the block times. Muir Glacier will postpone the difficulty bomb for another 4 million blocks or about 600 days, up until July of 2021 when block times will rise again. Unlike the experience with the Constantinople, no reduction of issue will be experienced during the update, and the block reward will remain at 2 ETH.

The advice for Developers and node operators was to upgrade before New Year break, but the current position is that some of them have yet to do the work. According to, 80% of ETH clients are already synchronized on the network. This means that 624 clients are not prepared for the already finished network upgrade.

The Ethereum community is already irritated with the core developers at recent times because the view held by many was that the delay is unprofessional procrastination for ETH 2.0. A discussion on Muir Glacier noted that there is some discontent of the community towards those that decide the big decisions.

 “This EIP was accepted as final AFTER the Ethereum Foundation endorsed the Muir Glacier hard fork on its blog. The ordering of these two events indicates that EF does not recognize the community input process when it unilaterally implements major breaking changes.”

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