Today we’re getting into some of the most important things you need to include to supercharge your Kickstarter pitch video. 

If you want to make it so that people are emotionally turned on and excited to look through your campaign after watching your video, you need these 5 tips.

The goal is to get your audience provoked to eventually buy your product and support your growing business idea. 

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5 Tips for a better Kickstarter Video 

Here are a few tips to improve your Kickstarter video so that you’ll get more backers, signups, and donors. 

1. Duration 

Every Kickstarter video abides by a somewhat standard duration when it comes to maintaining attention. Your video should be about three minutes (give or take) to put it in that sweet spot that will keep your viewership engaged through the entire video. 

You can convey your message without drawing on too long and losing interest, while also getting the viewer ramped up about the product and how it can solve a problem that they may be experiencing. 

2. B-roll Footage / Showing The Use Case 

When trying to pique interest about a product, it’s best not to just have a talking head that can be plain and lack engagement. 

If you’re telling a story with your video and demonstrating the benefits of your product, b-roll footage, or images that overlay the screen while you are talking, can be a great way to excite your viewer. 

B-roll footage can be examples of people excited and happy while using the product, showing the product in different environments, or showcasing different scales of the product. Basically, you are trying to keep their eyes on the screen while divulging product features. 

You don’t want to give your audience’s brain a chance to wander elsewhere while communicating the value of your product. The quicker you can change the frame, the more chance you have of hijacking the person’s mind into an attentive state. Check out an example of b-roll footage here on my recent trip to the Philippines for an example. 

3. Proper Lighting 

Great lighting can enhance the mood of your video and convey the high quality of your product. 

If you’re backlit or shrouded in shadows, it is much easier for the viewer to tune out and take your video less seriously. Bad lighting can lead to distrust and a lack of professionalism. 

Lighting can foster optimism and interest surrounding your product, causing your viewer to think, ‘Dang, I want this product in my life.’ 

4. Tell A Story 

Most successful products have a story that relates to the actual user of the product (use case). The more use cases you can provide, the more poignant your product will become as to who could benefit from it. 

You want the viewer to feel like this product was made for them. They will begin to associate your product with a lifestyle that they want to be a part of. Think of someone who buys a GoPro and uses it as permission to take crazy adventures—the product is the gateway. 

Featuring you, the marketer, is a great way to demonstrate value and create an emotional high for your viewer. Why did you make this product? What has it done for your life? 

If this all feels a little bit over your head, you can always hire a professional videographer to make the video for you. While this can be a substantial financial investment, a beautiful video that tells a compelling story can benefit your campaign greatly in the long run. 

5. Thumbnail Image 

A thumbnail commands attention and shows the viewer what your video is going to be about. The thumbnail is the first aspect of your campaign that a user will encounter while browsing crowdfunding campaigns, making an irresistible image is a must-have. 

You want to prime your viewer for what’s to come. It’s more of an art than a science—but try to keep it simple and evoke curiosity. Your thumbnail can drive a viewer to want to learn more, thus prompting them to actually hit play and be influenced by your video to eventually purchase your product! 

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