5 Content Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

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5 Content Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

Are you looking to get the word out about your nonprofit

Have you considered using content marketing to build up a crowd of raving fans eager to support your mission? 

We’re here to help! 

In this article, we’re going to share five extremely valuable tips with you to use content marketing as a strategy to build a network of regular donors for your nonprofit. 

When executed correctly, content marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to nonprofits. Let’s help you unlock that power. 

Find this video to be informative? 

Come away with some tips that you will implement in your nonprofit content marketing strategy? 

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For now, let’s give you the content marketing tips you need to stand out! 

What is the Goal of Content Marketing? 

The goal of content marketing is to put out content via: 

By tapping into these mediums, you can get people across the world interested in your nonprofit organization, and eventually convert them into donors. 

At the end of the day, you’re looking to build a donor base and generate revenue so that you can forward the mission of your organization. 

Content marketing is at the top of the funnel, working to drive organic traffic to your website! 

Tip 1: Repurpose Your Content 

Let’s say you spend four hours writing an intensive blog article that highlights the missions and outcomes of your nonprofit. 

You share the post on social media, maybe generate a little bit of traffic, and then discover that the post doesn’t have much of a life beyond that initial release. 

But you put four hours into this post — you need to sustain momentum! 

To do this, you should repurpose the blog post into other shareable materials. For example, you could: 

  • Create an infographic with key ideas 
  • Make a Youtube Video that engages a non-reading based audience 
  • Pull out key quotes and post them with graphic design elements on Instagram 
  • Use the content as a topic of discussion for a podcast 

The lesson here is you want to take that foundational article to stretch it out, chop it up, and find creative ways to repurpose it to reach a larger audience. 

One original asset can be reinvigorated — saving valuable time, money, and resources. 

Tip 2: Share Stories or Tips on Social Media 

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is: What exactly should I be posting on my social profiles to generate engagement? 

By posting stories — which usually case studies of those who have benefitted from your nonprofit — you can give people a tangible understanding of how your organization is making an impact in the world. 

You could also highlight a volunteer through a feature profile to talk about how your organization has brought fulfillment/empowerment into their life on a personal level. 

By posting tips, you can educate your audience towards furthering your organization’s mission. 

For example, if you are sustainability nonprofit, you could release a comprehensive sustainability guide outlining best practices for cleaning living. 

Tip 3: Plan Your Medium and Message 

In order to release effective content that gets people excited, you first have to determine what medium you’ll be utilizing to tell your story. 

This could be a blog post, Youtube video, podcast, Facebook live video, or any other channel you use. 

From there, you can build out a specific message that your supporters will walk away with. 

Make sure to ask yourself: 

What message am I trying to deliver? What medium might most effectively get that message across? 

Consider your strengths. If you’re not a great public speaker, you might want to stay away from Youtube videos and podcasts and deliver more written content. 

Or if you’re really great with photography and design, it could be a good idea to push deeper into those mediums on platforms like Instagram. 

Tip 4: Create a Schedule 

Inconsistent and infrequent messaging is about as good as no messaging at all. 

If you don’t have a content schedule, it’s not going to get done. Simple as that. Treat content marketing as you would any other operation — with a regimented approach that is a priority.   

You need to create a regular schedule for releasing content — and many nonprofits choose to go as far as automating their content releases. 

Platforms like Buffer can help you to coordinate content blasts without all the manual labor, making it easier for you to spend time working elsewhere in your nonprofit. 

I’d recommend setting aside one day of the week to manage content marketing. It takes some attention (take it from me, I schedule content marketing for my Youtube channel, podcast, and blog weeks in advance!) — but it really pays off in the long run. 

Tip 5: Move From Consumer to Producer 

When you’re scrolling through your social media feed, you’re probably not putting much thought into what a company, business, or nonprofit is doing to produce these posts. 

As a nonprofit organization, you need to shift your mindset into someone who not only knows what a social media post looks like — but how it’s made to look like that. 

This requires research and attention on your part, and the delivery of clear instructions to your team. 

If you aren’t comfortable or confident in your ability to become a producer, you might want to consider outsourcing your social media management to an expert

We get it — funds are tight — but if great content marketing can boost your fundraising by 10-20%, it’s worth the investment. 


I hope that these tips have been helpful for you to get a better understanding of how to use content marketing to grow your donor base. 

Keep in mind that it’s going to take time to build your content marketing strategy. For more comprehensive advice, make sure to check out my book, Nonprofit Crowdfunding Explained, where I go deep in-depth about everything your nonprofit needs to know about content marketing. 

I also have a great FREE nonprofit crowdfunding course that you can take to increase your knowledge fast! 

And if you’re looking for personalized advice, don’t hesitate to book a coaching call with me

My passion is helping nonprofits like yours to reach their organizational missions, and I’m ready to go to work for you!

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