30+ Standout Crowdfunding Websites [Updated for 2023]

Different crowdfunding websites vary in fundraising guidelines, platform and payment processing fees, and so on. Keep an eye out for platform-specific rules and practices when considering your options.

For example, some crowdfunding sites follow a “Keep it All” (KiA) method of fundraising, while others opt for an “All or Nothing” (AoN) approach. Essentially, organizers of KiA fundraisers receive funding regardless of whether they meet their fundraising goal, while AoN fundraisers can only collect if they reach their initial objective.

Most crowdfunding websites price their services based on a percentage of overall funds collected. However, platform and processing fees can vary depending on the site.

Additionally, certain platforms cater to more niche fundraising needs, while others cover a broad range of topics. Overall, the best crowdfunding site is one that appeals to a large number of potential fundraisers and audiences—like Fundly! With this in mind, let’s jump in!

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