10 Rapidly Funded Kickstarter Campaigns in August

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10 Rapidly Funded Kickstarter Campaigns in August

Have you ever come up with a product idea you’d like to make into reality but never had the money to do it? If so, then why not try out crowdfunding? 

With the correct strategies (which you can learn in our e-book) and mindset, you can get the funding to your pockets quicker than you realize. 

So many people have been able to get thousands of dollars to make their ideas into reality! What’s stopping you?

I’ve listed out ten rapidly funded Kickstarter campaigns to aid you on your crowdfunding journey. With these Kickstarter campaigns at your disposal, you can study what they did well and how you can make your own!

You can also read through this Forbes article to learn a bit more. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game

10 rapidly
10 Rapidly Funded Kickstarter Campaigns in August 11

Starting our list is an RPG game for fans of the Avatar franchise. You can play as all four nations like the Fire Nation. The objective is to find balance in all the elements.

The original goal of this tabletop RPG was $50,000. But now, this campaign has received over 80,000 backers and a jaw-dropping $9,535,317. That is more than 18,000% over the goal!

Also, it’s in the top 30 Kickstarter campaigns of all time. So, studying this is a must! 

If you want to learn more about this campaign, click here.

2. Herbalist’s Primer

10 rapidly2
10 Rapidly Funded Kickstarter Campaigns in August 12

Speaking of roleplay, let’s talk about another impressive campaign. This product is an illustrated guide to the world of real-life plants and their magical powers.

It’s fantastic for any RPG player looking to spice up their adventures with spells, as it can be seamlessly integrated into any roleplaying game.

This Kickstarter is relatively new but has already surpassed its original goal. It took them less than a day to reach it! Now they are sitting at a whopping $636,589.

For more information, click here.

3. Black Rose Wars: Rebirth

10 rapidly3
10 Rapidly Funded Kickstarter Campaigns in August 13

Another impressive Kickstarter campaign to add to your research is a tabletop game called Black Rose Wars: Rebirth. This game is a continuation of their previous game called Black Rose Wars, where you play as a mage looking to become the new Great Magister.

So, what makes this project so notable? First, they had an ambitious opening goal of $118,041, which took less than a day to fund fully. Impressive, right?

Well, now they’ve reached over seven figures.

For more information about this tabletop game, click here.

4. Goodboy Galaxy: Exploration Platform Game

10 rapidly4
10 Rapidly Funded Kickstarter Campaigns in August 14

Don’t have a tabletop game idea? No worries, you can still get funded! This campaign aims to raise money for a platforming adventure video game, where you play as an astronaut dog traversing a strange and hostile universe.

Just like the previous Kickstarter, this campaign is relatively new. It started less than a month ago but surpassed the original goal of $24,785 in just 8 hours and now has nearly 10x the money.

To find more information about this video game, click here.

5. Soul Arts: Presented By VaatiVidya

10 rapidly5
10 Rapidly Funded Kickstarter Campaigns in August 15

Speaking of gaming, Soul Arts is an art book inspired by various popular video games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and the upcoming Elden Ring. The art included in this book is from the five art competitions made by VaatiVidya.

What makes this campaign so impressive is the numbers. The initial goal for this book was $59,020.

That was surpassed in just 40 minutes! Now, this project has raised over $2,140,000.

For more information about this project, click here.

6. LAX RAX | The board game shelf insert for IKEA Kallax

10 rapidly6
10 Rapidly Funded Kickstarter Campaigns in August 16

We’ve talked so much about board games, so it’s fitting to discuss this as the next project. This campaign aims to upgrade the IKEA shelf and make your board games easier to store.

You can adjust these shelves for efficient storage.

The thing you should learn about this campaign is their campaign text. It clearly shows the problem of shelf storage with illustrative GIFs with short and sweet text.

Furthermore, this campaign only took 30 minutes to get fully funded—an impressive Kickstarter campaign overall!

For additional information about this shelf upgrade, click here.

7. Nextube – A Retro Nixie Clock Inspired Modern Display

10 rapidly10
10 Rapidly Funded Kickstarter Campaigns in August 17

Do you love to add a bit of a retro design to your home? Well, then you’re going to love this Kickstarter!

This clock is inspired by the 50s Soviet Nixie tube clock. However, it’s a modern take on it, giving you extra features.

These include usual things like a weather forecast and more unique features like keeping up with your YouTube subscriber count.

Like every other campaign on this list, how quickly they got to their initial milestone impresses me the most about this project. It got funded in just 8 minutes, and in just 24 hours, they got to a whopping 1,000% funding.

For more information about this project, click here.

8. La Mansio – The 6-in-1 Modular Bag for Active Women

10 rapidly7
10 Rapidly Funded Kickstarter Campaigns in August 18

Many women have had problems with their handbags. There’s no way to organize items!

So, La Mansio created a modular bag to help them. Everything is well thought out, making it perfect for many occasions like travel, work, and everyday use.

The project has been able to raise over $2,107,154 in less than a month. But, that’s not what impresses me the most.

What makes it so astonishing is that it’s their first Kickstarter campaign.

For more information about this bag, click here. 

9. SofabatonX1 – Most Versatile Universal ALL-IN-ONE Smart Remote

10 rapidly8
10 Rapidly Funded Kickstarter Campaigns in August 19

What if creativity and entertainment aren’t your things? Then, you might want to focus your attention on this project.

This simple product solves an ever-growing problem with smart homes: too many remotes. This intuitive gadget helps you combine all your home tech into one remote.

What makes this Kickstarter campaign unique is how quickly they got to their initial $10,000 milestone. It didn’t even take them a day! Instead, it was fully funded in 5 minutes! Now, they have a total of $526,037.

For more information about this tech product, click here.

10. BOLD by UZE: World’s Most Powerful 260W Graphene Power Bank

10 rapidly9
10 Rapidly Funded Kickstarter Campaigns in August 20

Ending our list is a simple campaign. The product is nothing new as it’s just another battery bank. The only difference is that it’s the most powerful one yet.

It has 27,000 mAh of power.

And even though it’s such a simple product, it still has some impressive numbers. In just 72 hours, they raised over $100,000.

 That is 20x more than their initial goal of $5,000!

For more information about this project, click here.

What You Should Learn From These Campaignsl

As you can see, these ten projects are pretty impressive, to say the least. But that’s not what you should learn from them!

Instead, you should understand that anyone can get funded! All you need to do is put effort into your campaigns and use the right strategies, and you’ll get your funding money and more in no time.

 If you need any help, you can schedule a coaching call.

Your idea can be creative, like the tabletop game Black Rose Wars: Rebirth, or just be a simple power bank.

So, what is stopping you? Take action on the opportunity, or you’ll miss out!

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